No Place Like Home Pet Sitting - Pet Sitting Services in Carrollton, Texas

It's time for that long awaited trip to the beach or yet another business trip across the country. What to do with Fluffy, the Princess Kitty and Fido, the VID (Very Important Dog)?

You could call the local kennel and see if they have a cage for the cat and a concrete run for the dog. Doesn't sound very comfy, though and the cat wouldn't eat for a week the last time they stayed there and the dog brought home fleas.

Maybe you'll call that nice teenager down the street. She certainly seems mature... right? You hope that she will remember to feed them before her date on Saturday night. Or what if she decides to have a "few friends" come over while you are away?

What about just leaving the dog in the back yard and big bowls of food & water for them both? It's not supposed to rain and the weatherman said it wouldn't be too hot. But what if they eat all their food on the first day like they did last time? Or knock over the water bowls? How long can they go without food & water?

Or maybe you should ask that nice lady down the street to come over and walk the dog and scoop the poop in the litter box and bring in the paper and the mail again. She won't mind, she never does...  right?

Sound familiar?

Let No Place Like Home Pet Sitting offer you the convenience and security of having your pet cared for in the comfort of your own home. We specialize in providing loving, personalized care for your pets, as well as looking after your home while you're away.

We have pets of our own and we know how important they are. They are a part of the family. We care for your pets with the same tender, loving care that we give to our own.

Call today to arrange for your pet's vacation. We'll pamper your pets with professional in-home care...

and they'll love you for it!